About Temkin Group

Temkin Group is a leading customer experience (CX) research and consulting firm. We help many of the world’s largest brands lead their transformational journeys towards customer-centricity and build loyalty by engaging the hearts and minds of their customers, employees, and partners.

Our firm combines customer experience thought leadership with a deep understanding of the dynamics of organizations to help accelerate results. Rather than layering on cosmetic changes, we help companies embed practices within their culture by building four critical competencies: Purposeful Leadership, Employee Engagement, Compelling Brand Values, and Customer Connectedness.

We founded the Temkin Group based on four core beliefs:

  1. Customer experience drives loyalty. Our research and work with clients has shown that interactions with customers influences how much business they’ll do with you in the future and how often they recommend you to friends and colleagues.
  2. Improvement requires systemic change. Companies can improve customer interactions in isolated areas, but they can’t develop competitive advantage until customer experience is embedded in their operating fabric.
  3. It’s a journey, not a project. Building the capabilities to consistently delight customers doesn’t happen overnight. Companies need to plan for a multi-year corporate change initiative.
  4. We can help you make a difference. Transformation efforts aren’t easy, but leading your company to be more customer-centric is worth the effort. We help our clients accelerate their results and avoid many of the bumps along the way.

Customer-Centric Transformation Services

We help executives build holistic plans to transform their companies. Our preferred engagement model is to develop deep, ongoing relationships during which we can provide the following types of services:

  • Operational assessments. Temkin Group will evaluate your customer experience efforts and organizational structure. These projects will often include interviews with key stakeholders. The results will highlight strengths, weaknesses, and next steps of your efforts.
  • Interactive training workshops. Temkin Group will develop and deliver customized single-day and multi-day workshops that teach participants how to apply the principles of customer experience through a combination of presentations, discussions and small group exercises. These workshops can be tailored for any audience and can incorporate company-specific issues and opportunities.
  • Executive off-sites and management meetings. Temkin Group will design the agenda and facilitate interactive sessions for executive teams to gain alignment around their customer experience plans and ambitions.
  • Executive coaching. Temkin Group will provide ongoing support for executives that are leading customer experience transformation efforts. Leading change can be difficult, so we will combine recurring and ad-hoc check-ins to advise you along the way. Whether you need advice on a new initiative or just a sounding board to vent frustration, we’ll be there for you.
  • Experience evaluations. Temkin Group will evaluate your customer experiences (Web, phone, store, cross-channel). These projects will identify key strengths and weaknesses of customer interactions and can be used to compare your company’s experiences with competitors as well as with best-in-class firms from other industries.

Vendor Marketing Services

We help vendors better support customer experience efforts through the following types of services:

  • Strategic roadmap reviews. Temkin Group will evaluate your product plans to make sure that they are aligned with the needs of customer-centric organizations.
  • Marketing message reviews. Temkin Group will review your marketing plans to make sure that you are delivering the right message to the right audience.
  • Marketing webinars. Temkin Group will participate in Webinars for vendors across a wide range of customer-experience topics (we will not endorse any vendor’s offerings as our objectivity is critical to our value!)

Let us know if your customer experience efforts can use our services. You can reach Bruce Temkin at bruce@temkingroup.com or Karen Temkin at karen@temkingroup.com.

The bottom line: Contact Temkin Group… When experience matters

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