Temkin Group Citation Policy

This page is to help people understand how to reference and cite Temkin Group content that appears within our blog posts as well as within our published research reports.

While Temkin Group encourages the use of its content to propel discussions that help businesses improve customer experience and their overall business performance, it does not want its content or its brand to be used inappropriately (see specific policy for Temkin Ratings). For that reason, we have established these basic citation rules:

  • All references to Temkin Group content must be accurate, and in no way misleading.
  • You must get Temkin Group’s pre-approval before including any Temkin Group content, or mentioning Temkin Group (or any of its employees) in any way within marketing materials such as brochures and press releases.
  • It is okay (and highly encouraged) to link to and reference Temkin Group blog posts, blog pages, and any other online content that Temkin Group has published, as long as it meets all of the other guidelines.
  • If you are referencing data from a specific study, then the full name of the study must be referenced (e.g., 2015 Temkin Experience Ratings) or there must be a clear link to a Temkin Group page that has the study.
  • If you are referencing a study that has specific numeric ratings of companies, then you can list your overall position (e.g., #3 overall) or your position within one of our specified groupings or industries (e.g., #2 in retail). It is optional to list the total number of companies overall or in your grouping or industry.
  • If you are referencing a study that has specific ratings of companies, you can not list your position within a group that is not one that we have listed or use the name of another company in order to compare your ratings (e.g., we were rated ahead of company ABC).
  • If you would like to use a Temkin Group graphic, then you must maintain Temkin Group’s copyright notice (and link to the original post if it is an online usage). You must get Temkin Group’s pre-approval to alter a Temkin Group graphic in any way.
  • If content is within a Temkin Group report, but Temkin Group has not made it generally available to the public, then you must get Temkin Group’s approval before referencing that content.
  • If you purchase a Temkin Group research report, then it is just for the internal use within your organization for the specific number of users that you selected.
  • If you are unclear about whether or not you can cite Temkin Group content, then you should assume that the usage must be pre-approved by Temkin Group, and reach out to Temkin Group at info@temkingroup.com.

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