Employee Engagement Resources

An engaged workforce is not just a valuable asset, it’s a critical component of great customer experience. That’s why employee engagement is one of Temkin Group’s Four Customer Experience Core Competencies. This video provides a quick overview of our approach to employee engagement:

Improving employee engagement is also the starting point for a wonderfully virtuous cycle.


Check out this infographic: Employee Engagement Primer:

1609_Employee Engagement Poster

Given it’s importance to organizations, I’ve assembled some research and blog posts on the topic:

Employee Engagement Research & Posts:

View all of our employee engagement content

Employee Engagement Assessment:

EEAssessmentDownload our free Employee Engagement Assessment. It’s a great tool to identify the maturity level of your employee engagement efforts and identify strengths and weaknesses of the program across our 5 I’s of Employee Engagement. If you want to compare your results against the employee engagement efforts at 198 large organizations, then download the Temkin Group report State of Employee Engagement Activities, 2016 that includes detailed benchmarking data.

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Temkin Group helps organizations across a spectrum of customer experience activities, including engaging your entire workforce. You can learn more about our services on the Temkin Group website.

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