Elevate Purpose: Tapping Into The Power Of Meaningfulness

Why Are We Talking About Purpose?

Temkin Group has labeled 2017 “The Year of Purpose.” We hope that when companies examine their leaders, employees, and customers, they begin to see actual people behind these labels, individuals who are driven to find purpose and meaning in their jobs and in their lives.

Purpose is powerful. It provides a context around all that we do, which alters our feelings, beliefs, and actions. A strong sense of purpose can:

  • Inspire us to find joy in our lives
  • Energize us with a sense of hope
  • Propel us to overcome obstacles
  • Uplift us to feel good about ourselves
  • Connect us with others around a shared goal

Much of our research focuses on helping organizations master four CX core competencies. As you can see in the figure below, purpose is an important component across all four elements: Purposeful LeadershipCompelling Brand ValuesEmployee Engagement, and Customer Connectedness.


What is Elevate Purpose?

elevate-purpose-24Temkin Group started the “Elevate Purpose” effort in order to help individuals expand both their understanding of and their focus on purpose. To this end, we will be researching, publishing, and speaking on the topic throughout this year. Check out our existing content on purpose. Here are some of our recent content:

Join the Elevate Purpose Movement

We also want you (the readers of this blog) to participate in making 2017 a breakthrough year for elevating purpose.

elevatepurposebadgeWe hope that individuals will pledge to Elevate Purpose within their organizations and within their lives. To take the pledge, simply write, “I pledge to Elevate Purpose,” in the comment box below and proudly display this badge wherever you like.

We hope that you will also use the comment box below to share how you’ve been able to elevate purpose in your personal and/or professional life.

Also, get the word out on twitter with the hashtag #ElevatePurpose

4 Responses to Elevate Purpose: Tapping Into The Power Of Meaningfulness

  1. Please use the comments section to share your thoughts on how to Elevate Purpose!

  2. Kevin Monroe says:

    Hey Bruce, to say I “love it” to the #ElevatePurpose campaign doesn’t fully capture my excitement for the campaign.I pledge to Elevate Purpose…every day of 2017 and beyond.

  3. Bart Daemen says:

    I pledge to Elevate Purpose.

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