Resources for Voice of the Customer Programs

Voice of the customer (VoC) programs are a critical element of many customer experience efforts. That’s why we created this resource page for insights about voice of the customer programs. If you are interested in the Net Promoter Score (NPS), there are several specific items about NPS but you should consider NPS as a subset of VoC programs.

Assess Your VoC Program:

Download our free VoC program assessment tool and you can identify the maturity level of your VoC program and identify strengths and weaknesses of the program across our six Ds of a closed-loop VoC program. If you want to compare your results against the VoC programs at 192 large companies, then download the Temkin Group report, Prepare for Next Generation VoC Programs, which includes detailed benchmarking data.

Key VoC Blog Posts:

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Temkin Group Research Reports About VoC:

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Additional Posts And Research That You May Find Valuable:

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4 Responses to Resources for Voice of the Customer Programs

  1. Philippe Danielski says:

    Sorry I realized my comment was not complete.

    Very interesting but the way you’ve stated this makes it seem like a journey where you have to pass through the different phases. Do you find that to be true, i.e. you start out as a novice then become a “Collector” then an “Analyzer” etc. or do you find that companies can jump from novice to “Tranformer”?

    Oh, and by the way, what do you feel about giving customers the opportunity to post feedback and then editing what part of that feedback is actually posted. If the customer gets the impression that the feedback is edited to only include the ‘rosey’ stuff won’t that defeat the purpose?

    • Bruce Temkin says:

      Hi Philippe: I do find that most programs, but not all, go through a progression similar to the one that we show in the maturity model. But it is not a hard requirement that you pass through the stages, some companies have successfully jumped a couple of stages. As far as feedback goes, I think companies need to decide on editorial standards (like not allowing swears or verbal attacks on specific people, etc.) and may need to edit reviews to meet those standards. But it seems wrong to edit reviews in a way that would mislead those that are reading them.

  2. Michel says:

    Hi Bruce,

    You have put together some great content. Thank you. Question for you, within the Disseminate phrase you mention, “put the information in the hands of the right people at the right time..” does that mean that not all stakeholders (i.e. department heads) need to be present throughout the entire VoC process. For example, let’s say you focus group your customers, must all department heads be present or can it be lead by a smaller group and information then provided to the appropriate people?

    Thank you.

    • Bruce Temkin says:

      Michel: A good VoC program is constantly “Detecting” and “Disseminating” information across the organization. In a large organization, the people that get access to customer insights is much, much larger than the group involved in collecting the information. Having said that, there are some research efforts that make sense to involve stakeholders. So, as with most things, I don’t have a one-size-fits-all answer.

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