Apple Beats Windows, Part Two

When I published my recent post about customer experience in the PC industry, it seemed to have touched a nerve. A bunch of journalists and bloggers have picked up on the results. Since I’ve provided my thoughts in comments and in other news outlets that people may not have read, I’m using this post to share what I was thinking. Here goes:

  • The OS matters. While our research did not isolate what caused the consumer ratings, it would be hard (nearly impossible) to believe that the operating system didn’t play a role in how consumers rated their experiences. So Microsoft/Windows is definitely a part of the reason why the PC makers did so poorly.
  • Don’t blame the OS. I know this seems to totally contradict my last point, but it doesn’t. What I mean is that the PC makers can and should do better — even if consumers seem to like the Mac OS better than Windows. It wasn’t too long ago that Dell was the darling of the computer industry. And, if I remember, they were selling Windows-based PCs.
  • Microsoft gets short-changed.  While the Windows ecosystem needs to dramatically improve its customer experience, I don’t think that Microsoft deserves it’s overly negative feedback. The amount of things that people do every day on Windows platforms and with Office applications is truly amazing. This blog, as it turns out, is written on a Windows laptop.
  • Apple creates zealots. The comments in my blog have been overwhelmingly pro-Apple and anti-Microsoft/Windows. There appears to be a large cult-like group of Mac lovers looking for outlets to voice their devotion to Apple. Microsoft, on the other hand, has converted few disciples.
  • Microsoft wants to improve. Microsoft hired a former Walmart executive to open a chain of retail stores and unveiled its huge Retail Experience Center in Redmond which I actually visited last year; it’s quite impressive. The software giant also has appointed Julie Larson-Green to overhaul the Windows experience

The bottom line: Hopefully Microsoft stays focused on customer experience.

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