Survey Shows Strong Customer Experience Ambitions

Temkin Group recently ran its first research survey looking at the state of customer experience within companies. The response was great, more than 400 people took the survey. Here are some of the high-level results:

  • 13.8% think that their company is the best in their industry in customer experience, while 60.2% want to be the best in their industry within 3 years
  • When it comes to online interactions, only a few respondents think that their company always or almost always delights their customers:
    • 22.8% when customer researches a product
    • 22.4% when customer purchases or applies for a product
    • 25.4% when customers get customer service help
  • Here’s who’s most often running the company’s customer experience efforts:
    • Dedicated customer experience group (28.9%)
    • Marketing (21.9%)
    • Customer service (17.1%)
  • 62.7% have a senior executive in charge of their customer experience efforts
  • 51.4% have a formalized voice of the customer (VoC) program, and 80.7% of those people think that it has had a positive impact on the company
  • 42.9% are using Net Promoter Score (NPS), and 65% of those people think that it has had a positive impact on the company
  • Companies identified these as the top obstacles to improving customer experience:
    • Other competing priorities (61.7%)
    • Lack of a clear customer experience e strategy (48%)
    • Limited funding (42.7%)
    • Conflict across internal organizations (38.5%)

As a courtesy to the respondents, they were sent a detailed report on these findings. We will make that report available more widely within the next couple of weeks and will be discussing more of the data in upcoming posts. In particular, I will be analyzing the responses from 150+ large North American companies.

The bottom line: Customer experience remains a hot topic

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