9 Management Principles From Dilbert’s Boss

I search for insights wherever I can find them: from business visionaries to cartooning geniuses. That’s why it seems appropriate to follow advice from Jack Welch with some thoughts from Scott Adams (creator of the Dilbert cartoon). In a recent blog post, Adams shares these management principles he uses in his restaurants:

  • Have fun. Loosen up.
  • Try something new. Often. Keep whatever works.
  • No penalty for a new idea failing. Trying is the thing.
  • Employees are more important than customers.
  • Stop asking Scott for approval. Just do it.
  • Managers get to see the financials.
  • Being a jerk to coworkers is grounds for termination.
  • Do whatever seems smart and fair to make customers happy.
  • Watch the competition closely and borrow their best ideas.

The bottom line: Good advice from Adams; even without Dilbert.

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