8 Pieces Of Advice For RadioShack’s New CMO

Lee Applbaum has just been named as the new CMO for RadioShack. Congratulations Mr. Applbaum, you’ve got a lot of opportunities to improve!

As I mentioned in a recent post that talks about Radio Shack’s efforts to reformat its stores, the retailer does very poorly with customer experience. As a matter of fact, Radio Shack came in at the bottom of the 27 retailers in Forrester’s Customer Experience Index. That’s right, dead last. During other research, we found flaws in areas like Radio Shack’s in-store shopping experience and its Web-store cross-channel experience.

So here’s my advice to Applbaum: Take a look at My First 8 Steps As A New CMO. As I think about the situation at Radio Shack, all 8 items in that post make sense. Hopefully the RadioShack leadership team views their efforts as part of a long-term journey; evolving through the five stages defined in The Customer Experience Journey. To guide the company’s evolution, Applbaum should also introduce the entire leadership team to The 6 Laws Of Customer Experience.

The bottom line: When it comes to customer experience, Radio Shack has much to gain and little to lose.

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