Ace Hardware, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and QVC Earn Top Customer Experience Ratings for Retailers

Temkin Experience RatingsWe recently released the 2017 Temkin Experience Ratings that ranks the customer experience of 331 companies across 20 industries based on a survey of 10,000 U.S. consumers.

Ace Hardware, BJ’s Wholesale Club, and QVC deliver the best customer experience in the retail industry, according to the 2017 Temkin Experience Ratings.

Ace, BJ’s, and QVC all tied for the top spot out of the 48 retailers included in this year’s ratings, each earning a score of 81% and coming in 8th place overall out of 331 companies across 20 industries. Five other retailers received scores that put them in the top 10% of companies for the entire Ratings: Sam’s Club, O’Reilly Auto Parts, True Value,, and Dollar Tree.

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Customer Experience Gaffs From Dick’s And Comcast

I try not to use this blog as a sounding board for the customer experience blunders that I run into. Periodically, however, it makes sense to share some of those experiences as a source of insight (and a bit of humor). It turns out that my wife recently had a couple of interactions that were particularly noteworthy…

Dick’s is not Dick’s. My wife found a tennis racquet that she wanted on the Dick’s Sporting Goods Website but wanted to get it immediately so she went to the Dick’s store to buy it. She found the raquet, but it was priced nearly $30 more than it was on the Website. When she showed the customer service person the price online (she had printed out the page from Dick’s Website), the person said he could not honor that price because: “We have nothing to do with Dick’s Website, it’s a completely separate business.”

  • My take: Don’t let your internal organizational structure cripple your customer experience. If you portray yourself as a single brand, then act like it.

Comcast turns solutions into problems. Comcast has been regularly eliminating our email addresses for no reason; so we need to keep calling them (I’m on the edge of ranting, but I’ll hold it in).  When they recently restored the email, they did not notify us that 1) the server problem was fixed or 2) that they had changed the password. So my wife called Comcast and they gave her the new password. It ended up working only once. Why? They hadn’t told her that she needed to go to and change the password. It took three calls and most of a day to restore our email that Comcast eliminated for no reason.

The bottom line: Don’t forget to look at experiences through the eyes of your customer.

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