PCs Narrow Customer Experience Gap With Apple

Earlier this year I published the 2010 Customer Experience Index (CxPi) that ranked 133 companies across 14 industries. As a follow-on to that analysis, I recently published a research report focused on the six computer manufacturers on the list. The overall industry average improved two percentage points, going from 64% to 66% — crossing into the “okay” range. And, Apple was once again well out in front of the pack.

Here are the results for the 2010 CxPi and the previous (2008) CxPi:

But the aggregate scores aren’t the key story. It turns out that the “PC” firms all improved their customer experience while Apple’s score dropped. In 2008, Apple had a 16+ percentage point lead, but HP has narrowed the gap to 7 percentage points.

So I decided to update the graphic that I used last year:

The bottom line: The Windows ecosystem is getting better.

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