2016 Customer Experience Excellence Awards

We plan to kick off the 2017 awards in September.1611_temkingroup_cxewinnerbadge2

Congratulations to the 2016 Temkin Group Customer Experience Excellence Award winners:

Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

Century Support Services

Crowe Horwath

Oxford Properties


Here are highlights from the winners:

  • Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). BDC’s CX strategy includes a CX Governance Committee with senior membership from each business unit, a defined CX strategy and long term plan for the organization, a proprietary CX training program; in-class format and mandatory for all employees, and bank-wide CX objectives.
  • Century Support Services. Century has three levers to its CX efforts. (1) Lifecycle marketing to keep customers informed as Century settles their debt; (2) Customer advocacy to empower employees to do whatever it takes to ensure client satisfaction; and (3) Customer experience metrics that are actively tracked and reported to the Board of Directors.
  • Crowe Horwath. Crowe’s Exceptional Client Experience (ECx) strategy starts with its brand promise: “We help our clients make smart decisions that create lasting value.” Crowe’s overall ECx goal is to evolve its client-focused culture so that people come to work every day motivated to provide its clients with an exceptional experience in every interaction, while ensuring that its professionals maintain objectivity in the delivery of its services.
  • Oxford Properties. Oxford communicated its dedication to CX via The Oxford Commitment; it applied lessons from some of the best global customer service organizations; it engaged its leaders; it implemented training and communication programs; and it established hiring and performance management criteria that support this goal.
  • VCA. The foundation of VCA’s ideal client experience consists of 9 Client “I Wants”, a Client Journey Map, as well as its Emotional Motif as defined by its clients. VCA has been focused on empowering its employees, putting metrics around how it continues to improve and measure results, and developing client experience into becoming part of its culture.

About The CxE Awards

Across all industries, sectors, and regions, organizations are findings ways to improve customer experience in a sustainable manner. The Customer Experience Excellence (CxE) Awards are meant to highlight those transformational efforts. Since customer experience is a journey, not a program, nominees will not need to have fully completed their journey to be eligible for this award.

Last year’s winners were EMC Global Services, Safelite AutoGlass, and SunPower. You can find best practices from across all eight finalists and see their nomination forms in the Temkin Group report, Lessons in CX Excellence, 2016.

Temkin Group plans to open nominations for the 2017 CxE Awards in September 2017.

The awards are based on the following criteria:

  • Transformation. What improvements have been and are being made in the four customer experience core competencies?
    • Purposeful leadership: Leaders operate consistently with a clear, well-articulated set of values.
    • Compelling brand values: Brand attributes are driving decisions about how you treat customers.
    • Employee engagement: Employees are fully committed to the goals of your organization.
    • Customer connectedness: Customer feedback and insight is integrated throughout your organization.
  • Results. How is the effort creating value for customers and for the company?
  • Sustainability. How well is the company setup for ongoing success?

We assembled an expert panel of judges who really understand what it takes for an organization to become more customer-centric:

  • Ginger Conlon is chief editor of CustomerAlchemy.net, has covered CX for more than 25 years. She’s served as chief editor of Direct Marketing News, 1to1, and CRM magazines. Ginger was honored with a Silver Apple lifetime achievement award for her contributions to the marketing industry, and cited as a “Top 100 Most Social Customer Service Pros on Twitter.”
  • Shep Hyken is the Chief Amazement Officer at Shepard Presentations.  He is a customer service expert, speaker and author of New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling books including The Cult of the Customer and The Amazement Revolution.
  • Ingrid Lindberg is the CXO and Founder of Chief Customer.  She was one of the first CXOs in the US, and has 20 years of practice in customer experience and employee engagement strategy.  She was named as one of the “Mavericks of the Year” by the Stevie’s in 2014 for her impact to the health care industry.
  • Aimee Lucas is CX Transformist & Vice President of Temkin Group. She has over 15 years of experience improving service delivery and transforming the customer experience through people development and process improvement initiatives.
  • Bruce Temkin is CX Transformist & Managing Partner of Temkin Group. He is widely recognized as a customer experience visionary and Emeritus chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA.org).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to questions that came up:

  • What do winners receive? The winners are recognized in a press release, on our blog, and on our website. They also get an award to put in their company, a digital badge, and the rights to use the information about winning the award in their marketing materials.
  • We want to include confidential information, will it be shared? Do not submit any confidential information. If you are selected as a finalist, then we will share your entire nomination form in a published report. We do not share any information about companies that are not selected as finalists.
  • Is there any fee for applying? No. There are no fees of any sort for applying, and no hidden fees that will affect the judging of applicants.
  • Can vendors submit applications on behalf of their clients? No. They can help prepare submissions for their clients, but the nominations must come directly from the company being nominated.
  • Can non-profit organizations apply? Absolutely. The CxE Award is meant to recognize any organization that is making significant and sustainable improvements in its customer experience, whether its a for-profit company, non-profit organization, or a government agency.
  • Is this award only for consumer-based businesses? No. The CxE Award is not only for business-to-consumer (B2C) businesses, we also expect many business-to-business (B2B) applicants. Many of the previous winners have been B2B companies.
  • If we are one of the winners, will we be able to put out a press release? Yes. All of the finalists and award winners will be able to refer to this award in any communications.
  • We don’t have the best customer experience in our industry, is it worth entering? Maybe. We are looking for customer experience efforts that are having a positive effect. So it is worth entering if you are making progress.
  • Will there be more than one winner? Probably. We expect that their will be multiple winners, but we will determine the number based on the nominations.
  • Can we enter if we are not in the U.S.? Yes. This award is open for entrants from around the world. The only requirement is that the nomination form must be completed in English.
  • We are doing some great things in a part of our company, but not everywhere. Is it worth applying? Yes, as long as your efforts aren’t just in one narrow area. Transformation often starts within areas of a company.
  • Can we send in more than one nomination for a company? Maybe. Since this award looks across several aspects of your CX efforts, it probably only makes sense to submit more than one if there are different efforts underway within different operating groups.
  • Are we able to provide supplemental information like a PowerPoint or Video in the submission? No. The judges will only look at information contained in the document (which must be 12 pages or less) and will not look at additional materials such as a separate Powerpoint deck or any material that is provided via a link. You may include graphics within the document as long as it complies with the page limits.
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