Five Reasons Why I Really Like Apple Ads

In case you missed it, Apple used my customer experience research as  part of a clever ad on…

Here are the five reasons I really like Apple’s marketing campaign:

  1. It’s funny. I generally like anything that makes me chuckle.
  2. It’s on brand. Apple has established a clear positioning for Macs and the ads clearly reinforce that positioning.
  3. It’s innovative. The integration of multiple banners in a multimedia ad is an example of how Apple continues to find new approaches to getting its message across.
  4. It’s relevant. When Microsoft started advertising for Windows, Apple quickly created a set of ads that poked fun at the marketing campaign. And this ad is based on very recently published research.
  5. It’s cool. My kids are more excited about this than anything I’ve done before at Forrester. Justin Long is talking about my research!!!

While it’s fun to see my research used so publicly, I have to say that it wasn’t an easy process for Apple to get this approved. Forrester is an independent research firm; companies can not influence the outcome of our research. Since this is an important component of our brand, we limit how companies use our research in their marketing efforts. All uses of our research, including this advertising effort, need to get approval from our Vendor Relations team who strictly “police” that it meets Forrester’s citation policy.

The bottom line: I’m dreaming of a Superbowl ad based on my research…

About Bruce Temkin, CCXP
I'm an experience (XM) management catalyst; helping organizations improve results by engaging the hearts and minds of their employees, customers, and partners. I enjoy researching and speaking about these topics. I lead the Qualtrics XM Institute, which is the world's best job. We're igniting a global community of XM Professionals who are inspired and empowered to radically improve the human experience. To achieve this goal, my team focuses on thought leadership, training, and community building. My work is driven by a set of fundamental beliefs: 1) Everything starts and ends with human beings, so you need to understand how people think, feel, and behave; 2) XM is a discipline that needs to be woven throughout an organization's entire operating fabric; and 3) Building the XM discipline requires a combination of culture, competency, and technology.

One Response to Five Reasons Why I Really Like Apple Ads

  1. Wim Rampen says:

    Love the ad & strategy.. Just wondering: I’m really attracted to the Mac, I’m a “sucker” for cool-design, but I still use a PC? Why have they not been able to sell me the Mac?

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